Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oops, He Did It again

Looks like Jim "Ten Pound" Balsilles has nigh on done it again and scurred him self off another team with his aggressive 'You're going to Southern Ontario and there is nothing the Bett-zombie can do about it' approach to purchasing a team.
But all is not lost yet for the testicles from the westicles (....yeah, I don't know either). Some light shines at the end of the tunnel for the Hamilton Blackberries!

Also, the Buds pick up Vesa Toskela and Mark Bell from San Jose and all it cost them was a pick that turned out to be pretty damned good.

Oh well, The Tosk will do well in TO, and probably make a good case to become the number one 'tender in the Tee-Dot. Mark 'won't you ring my' Bell has a scoring touch and adds some grit, he could do very well on the second line with Tucker and Wellwood.

While its not Vokoun and Smyth, it could be a helluva lot worse.

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