Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This Is The End

Dance Giger Dance!

Well here we are, and what a ride it has been eh?
Regular season roller coaster for us Leafer's which gave us plenty to bitch about while the teams that made the playoffs went about their bid-ness.
And the cup goes to (insert drum roll) the Mighty Malicious Mallards, or rather The Ducks of Anaheim. 4 games to 1 over the much hated Senadromes.
Glee is not something that I often experience, but team Ottawa did it again. Sure I'll be getting the 'atleast we made the playoffs, 40 years, conference champs, ooga booga boo' speech from all the little Trojans. Choking on hockeys biggest stage however, is something that I get to hold over them.
And I can also unclench, I would have had to move to Tibet, or Antartica or West New Jersey or something if the Senachumps took home Lord Staney's Mug, because their fan base would have gone from fun rival to impossible gloat-monsters.
Good on you Anaheim, you winning the cup was just Ducky!

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