Sunday, February 25, 2007

Close Yet Far

"drop me a line and tell me how the hell you are..."

With a convincing victory over the Flyers, the Leafs grab a much needed two points out of what can only be called a sloppy, dull game. The 5-2 score reflects only that the Buds had better goaltending and more bounces go their way (which is nice to have happen for once). Raycroft was solid all night, well except for that first goal that can only be described as a floater. Soft goal aside, the Buds pulled off the win...only to go nowhere in the standings, they rest at tenth. With the Thrashers loosing to Carolina and Montreal dropping yet another game, the race for that elusive playoff spot is as tight as ever. It will probably give me an ulcer.

On another note, this whole Sabers / Sens debacle went into another high scoring, fast moving, scrapper of a game. Two fights, decisions going to Neil (god I hate him) and McGratton (he was loosing but that shot to Peters jaw won him the bout). Neither team got anything steady from their goalies. Emery looked like he was too excited and he couldn't find his groove and Biron looked like he wanted nothing to do with the game (him being subsequently pulled after a quick 4 goals is proof enough, he didn't even look upset).
Although the major surprise is this, I am contributing space on my Maple Leaf blog to two teams I hate.


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