Saturday, February 3, 2007

Whats In A Name?

A shoot out win apparently. Raycroft remains Razor and Emery will have to find another handle.
A good way to retain the name too, stopping Heatly and Spezza back to back.

Thoughts on the game.
Both Swedish capitano's put up big goals, Sundin to put the Leafs in a good possition to win, and Curly Sue Alfredson to crack Razor's shut-out hopes and spur on the Sens and make it a close game.
Goaltending was spectacular, but Razor came out on top over Emery.
Good defense by both teams and shot blocks like they were giving em away. Lots of action at both ends and very few dull moments.
Ah yes, and Carlo crushing Spezza looking for someone to pass to, does he think he is Pony?

oh yes, and for the Sens fans who think I may be trying to rub in the Razor thing?
Razor Razor Razor!

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iAuroraBorealis said...

Yeah was a good game. I'm glad it was close, it made it interesting. So much for wearing my jersey. Anyhoo..I did that "what might've been" thing. Hope you enjoy it.