Sunday, February 11, 2007

Trading Faces

The Leafs lost to the Pengus but got a point out of it, and thats all I have to say on that.
This post will be more focused on the NHL trade deadline and the blockbusters that may occur. Namely what I think the Leafs should do in said situation.

Darcy Tucker - Much has been talked about Mr. Aggitator, but nothing accomplished. What will the Buds do with him? More than likely nothing, he will come off long term IR, take a few games to get back into the swing and retourn to his post camping, PP scoring, pissing off everyone ways. What should be done with him? Trade him for someone who can add third / fourth line depth and a high draft pick then re-sign him in the off season. Now this is not something I take lightly. Tucker is one of my favourite NHL players, but I'm thinking whats best for the team on this one. Sorry Tucks.

Peter Forsberg - Would be a nice addition but his price will be way too steep.

Sergi Samsanov - I stick to my guns thinking that he would be a wonderful addition to the Leafs and is currently getting a bad rap for his less than stellar play with the Habs. Think Raycroft his second season in Boston. Give Sammy the right linemates and encouragement and he could be a force, but it comes down to what the Buds would have to give up to get him. A salary cut would be in order.

That is all....for now.

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