Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Love Em Or Leaf Em

Not that I feel the need to justify my faithfulness to the Buds, but latly I've been given some guff by non-Leaf fans as to the tune of "likeing the most popular team" or "jumping on the Ontario Leaf Love Bandwagon". So I must clarify. Back when I was a young lad I was more of a hockey fan than a Maple Leaf fan, sure the Leafs were my 'favourite' team, but when your eight, that means about as much as cup hopes to a Philly fan. Then it happened, the 93 Leafs magical playoff charge lead by Dougie 'hey whats your secret' Gilmour and Wendel 'best mustash ever' Clark. I fell in love with the Leafs about half way through the first round series and the deal was sealed, even with their eventual loss due to the Gretzky incident. I still maintain that had a penalty been called, the Leafs would have won and steamrolled the hapless Habs in the finals, but that is neither here nor there.
Through the years, my Leaf fan-dom resolve has strengthened to the point of near (though good humoured) ferocity. The reason? Hatred. If your not a Leafs fan, you hate the Leafs, it's that simple. Ask any Senators fan what they think of the Buds. Hell, ask any Habs fan, any Oilers fan. You'd more than likely get something that would be at best, discribed as snarky. So, being as rediculously stuborn as my Irish blood would allow, I embraced the Leafs, loving them more and more every year.
And like every true Leafs fan, my resolve cannot be weakened, no matter how much logic people try to use on me.

Oh Yeah, and theres a game on tonight....

Go Leafs Go.

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