Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oil And (Frozen) Water

"Mats Tells Carlo How He Really Feels"

Tonight, a chance to move into solo 8th for my beloved Leafs. First, three things must happen. The Islanders must not win (or get that bastard of a 3rd point), the Canadians MUST BE DESTROYED, and the Buds must beat the home. Buds home record non-withstanding, this comes some good news. Rolli the goalie is winless in 5 (to my hockey pool malcontent, thank Jebus I also have Brodeur) and Raycroft has been solid (well last game anyway). Tee Dot Oh Dot seems to do pretty well when Raycroft outplays the other 'tender, heres to hoping I guess.
Last time the Buds were helped along by the Flyers being gutted from the last minuite loss of Forsberg (like they needed any help at the not winning thing). I have some sort of misplaced hope in that the same will happen to Edmonton with Smyth...maybe on his way to the Blue and White.

Hey shut up, I'm a Leafs fan, all I have is hope.

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