Thursday, February 1, 2007

What Might Have Been..

Yes, It's here too, the latest infection crawling around the hockey blog-o-sphere.

If I Were A Hockey Player

Toronto Maple Leafs Via the London Knights (drafted in the first round, by the Buds)
Uniform Number: 9 (Suglobov will be on the Marlies)
Position: Left wing (right wing on the power play)
Nickname: Something stupid, courtesy of Bob Cole
Dream Linemates: Dougie and Wendel
Rounding out the PP: Thomas Kaberle and Iafratie
Job: Power forward / Agitator
Signature Move: Working in the corners, no look passes on the tape for the one timer
Strengths: Blinding speed, Sakic like wrist shot, Danny Markov like tenacity
Weaknessess: Height, Irish temper, Danny Markov like tenacity lack of anything resembling a slap shot.
Injury Problems? elbows
Equipment: CCM Tacks with neon laces, CCM helmet, Koho Revolution stick (wood and fiber glass baby)
Nemesis: Roberto Luongo, Darius Kasperitus and Alfredsson
Scandal Involvement: Seduced by Belinda Stronic, head butted (consequently concused) by Tie Domi
Who I’d face in the Stanley Cup Finals: Wouldn't matter, Anyone would do to erase that 40 year drought
What I’d do with the Stanley Cup after our victory: Get drunk and forget it at a bar or in the cab.
Would the media love me or hate me? Bob Cole and Harry Neal would love me because its in their contract to love every Leaf PLayer.

That is all

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iAuroraBorealis said...

I've been tagged!! Yay! What does that mean exactly?

Nice to see you still have lots of free time on your hands. The Battle of Ontario is ON tonight!! My dad mailed my Sens jersey up and I'll be partying it up at a friend's place tonight. Since I'm getting all decked out in Sens attire in Leafs Nation it would be a good night for Ottawa not to lose this evening.

Ttys :)