Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Beginning Of The End...

Of the season.
Fact. The Islanders won today, putting them in a tie for the 8th and final spot
Fact. Toronto needs to win this one no matter what, in regulation.
Fact. Montreal needs one point to guarentee elimination of the Leafs.
Fact. The Leafs will pull Raycroft it it is tied going down to the wire in the third.
Fact. I hate the Montreal Canadians and would ponder a killing spree if they eliminate the Leafs.
Fact. No matter what happens tonight, it may not matter if Brodeur Isn't playing his A game tomarrow (or at all for that matter).

Rumour Good. Huet is in net after playing only 20 minuites since his hamstring snapped

Hope. Sundin is in a slump, he also scores huge goals, has a penchant for them one might say, and they wouldnt get any bigger than tonight.

See you all tomarrow, unless my heart gives out somewhere around the end of the third.

It really couldn't get any more dramatic than this.

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