Monday, April 2, 2007

Hat Trick

It is amazing how polerizing a peice of cloth worn on the head can be. I just recently purchased a brand spanking new Maple Leaf hat and have been wearing it quite often recently (I do not often wear hats per say) and have had several interesting encounters with it. It seems that with many people the Leaf on the front of the hat is like a magnet to the eyes. I have also noticed people treating me different, one girl at the healthfood store I always go to has been extra friendly since I started wearing the hat, but the guy at the gym who checks your ID card has been extra curt to me when I wear the hat (note, I have seen him wearing a Habs shirt a couple times).

In the week since the purchase of said hat, I have noticed only a 20% possitive response from it, the other 80% is split evenly between assumed fans of other teams and Leaf fans who say such things as "You're gonna jinx em by wearing that" or "after last game, I'd be embarassed to wear that" and I find this troubling, because there is few things that bug me as much as a fair weather fan. Support your team all the time. That dosn't mean blindly stating they will win the cup, or ignoring obvious problems with the players, coaches or organization as a whole. It just means be a fan, be proud of your colours. In other words, don't be a Habs fan.

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