Monday, April 30, 2007

Leafers Make Better Lovers

I've been doing some research, yeah, imagin that, actual scientific logic in the hands of a Leaf fan (scary isn't it). The end to these means? To answer the age old question, what do ladies really look for in a man?

Do I have the answers? Why yes I do, turns out, they want a Leaf fan. They may say that they want a Sens fan, or a Flames fan or even a Ducks fan, ANYTHING but a Leafs fan. But what has my random and non-biased sampling of female hockey fans discover?

What they really want is a blue and white boy toy.

Out of 14 females polled (all REAL hockey fans) there were 2 Leaf fans, 5 Sens fans, 3 Flames fans, 1 Wings fan, 2 Oilers Fans and 1 Habs fan.
7 were from Ontario, 2 from Quebec, 3 from Alberta and 2 from Saskatchewan.

4 were married, all to Leaf fans
1 was engaged, to a Leafs fan
4 were in various stages of dating, 2 dating Leafs fans.
5 were single.

Of the single ladies, 2 had dated more than one Leafs fan for over 4 months
the other two had dated a Leafs fan at one time or another and the final had never dated a hockey fan before.

That leads me to believe one thing, the title of the post rings true


Miss. Scarlett said...

This survey has "tainted" written all over it.

Jaredoflondon said...

surprisingly sherry, its not, i tried to get the widest base of different team fans and locations for a less than biased opinion.
It started out as an excercise in personal curiosity, but when the results came out, I couldnt help but make it public.