Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Le Sigh

Well I've had a week and a bit to come down from my swearing, sputtering, raging 'stupid Leafs didn't make the playoffs' mind frame and have come to one well thought out, realistic view on the subject.

They have alot of work to do.
Up front, they need to score more goals, plane and simple. Trim some dead weight and throw in a big name player to help out (hello Chris Drury)
Defensivly they need to stay healthy. That is really it, I can't find too much wrong with the defense other than that (Bryan McCabe is dead to me and will not be discussed further)
Goaltending wise, they need to ship in some help, be it a backup that can play big minuites if Raycroft falters (and he will) or be it a new number one for Razor to compete with, winner gets the starter spot, look what it did for Manny Fernandez last year.

That is all

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