Monday, April 9, 2007


Where do I begin?

The Leafs are broken and need to be fixed, that sounds about right. But (begin bitching) I am kinda getting sick of fans from other teams telling me that like I don't know it. I am a Leafs fan, not mentally unsound (I am also aware how easy that joke is to make). Also to any Habs fans out there, what are you yipping about? Yes the Buds didn't make the playoffs, but guess what? Neither did the Habs, and I think I remember what team drove home the nail in your coffin. It may not be a playoff birth, but it is a nice little silver lining.

But enough of being bitter, getting assulted from all sides for two days can make one a bit testy.
Lets get down to bidness.

The Leafs have two major problems, one evident and widly agreed upon, the other, not so much.

Number one. Goaltending. I backed Raycroft all season, I defended him and all that jazz. Now I feel somewhat betrayed. The thing is, I know Raycroft is a skilled goaltender, it has just become evident that he isn't a good goaltender. Atleast not yet. I also doubt Raycroft will be going anywhere due to his undesireability and the blatent holes in his game. My solution? Go after a new number one, drop Aubin to the minors(or use him as spare parts in a trade for said new number one) and demote Raycroft to backup. Maybe the competition will up Raycrofts game, or at the very least, I know Raycroft has a good solid game every 10 or so, perfect for a backup.
Is Lethonin still available? Legace? Giger?

Problem number two. Scoring. Yes, we heard all about the Leafs depth on scoring this year, secondary scoreing this, offensivly tallented defense that. Sure, whatever, that is nice and all but guess what the Leafs don't have? A pure goal scorer, a sniper, someone who averaged a goal every two games. Now I can guess that because of the last incident attempt at getting one (IE Alexander Mogilny) may have lest a poor taste in the mouth of the Leafs brass, but guess what, in this new NHL a pure goal scorer Isn't just a nice conveniance anymore. It has become a necessity. With all the other teams having firepower like Brier, Heatly, Ovechkin, Hossa, Kovalchuck etc etc etc, you think someone representing blue and white would go "Hey, why don't we get someone like that?"
The offseason gives us a plethera of options in that regard. My solution, pick one up, pick anyone up. Does it matter if said player fits perfectly into the 'team frame'? No, While a Ryan Smyth would fit the present Leaf architecture perfectly, I am hoping that there is some massive remodling and next year, said architecture is a better, more inviting fit to a Brier or Drury (god it pains me to use Buffaslug and Islander players as examples).

That is all, I don't want this to be a Novel.
Next episode, what ISN'T broken in Leaf land, and the few bright spots.

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