Monday, April 9, 2007

Yes, There Is A Silver Lining

Took a look at the bad, now its time to point out the (few) bright spots that the Leafs had this year.

Kyle Wellwood - Welly was doing great, until his injury. He was, however, able to show what he is capable of with the puck. He finnished off the season a little shaky, confidence probably the issue. He will only get better and I have high hopes for his career.

Carlo Coliaccavo - Showed great promise in comming off one whopper of a concussion. Would have had a bigger impact had he been there the whole season.

Ian White - Made atleast one amazing pass a game, usually up the middle for a break away or odd man rush chance. Has good speed, good vision will be a great top 4 defenseman one day.

Hall Gill - While he wasn't spectacular, he wasn't god freaking awful as everyone expected. Plus he did a great job on the PK.

The Soviet Block - Pony and Antro showed that they do deserve a spot on the Leaf line up. Sadly they were over used and over hyped. Would be better suited to the second line winger pairing, me thinks.

Mats Sundin - Broke all sorts of milestones and passed all sorts of players all year. Took more crap from fans and the media and enemies (fans of other teasm) this year than every other year of his career. Played steady, played hard, racked up a fair ammount of points. If only (broken record) he had an appropriate winger to play with.

Thomas Kaberle - Kabby was great, did everything. One of the best D-men in the leuge. That is all.

It may not be much, but its all I got

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