Saturday, May 12, 2007

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Buffaslugs, or Sluggalo's

Whichever you prefer. I would just like to make it clear that just because I wish you victory over those evil Ottawa Senators, does not mean I support your team in any way, shape or form. See, as a Leaf fan, I am already in a pickle for deciding who I want to be victorious, throw in the fact that I hate (and thats real hate, not 16 year old girl 'I hate you mom' hate) both teams. In fact, I think I hate Buffalo more than Ottawa, especially recently. What I mean by that is, that recently, you are trying my patience. For example, the "wehatethesabers" page( put up in response to your own "wehatyourteam" page.) has a comment section. This has become an attrocious breeding ground of assholery, full of bigotry and idiocy.

Not that it means anything to you (in fact, if you are a diehard Buffalo fan, you probably hate me already) but, please, don't continue to embarass yourself like this. I have no problem with banter and shit talking, hell I participate in it with Sens fans on a regular basis, but alot of you seem to be missing the point. This is a game, its supposed to be fun, hating the other team is fun. Being a redneck racist, nationalistic asspirate is sad and depressing.

Just enjoy the game, and stop being douches.

Much love

Jared (I have better taste in hockey teams than you) of London


Anonymous said...

Preach it brother.

iAuroraBorealis said...

At what point did you stop giggling like Spezza last night?