Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Love That Not Be Named

Dare I admit it?

Dare I say?

Well yes, because it is going to come out eventually. I have a second hockey love. Not one that compares to the Leafs mind you. More of 'that girl you dated in highschool that you still think about on occasion' compared to the Leafs which is the 'best thing that every happened to me, we'll be together forever' kind of love.

And its for the Red Wings.
Convenient you say? Kinda, but its true, I have consistantly picked the Wings to go through every round this year (and previous years).

Why the Wings you ask? Well I've always liked the Wings, as long as I've loved the Leafs in fact.
That dosn't really answer why though, does it. It all comes back to one man Stevie Yzerman. My favourite hockey player of all time.
Even now they have a wide assortment of players that I like, Zetterberg, Datsuk, Lidstrom, Shnieder, Maltby, Lang, Etc etc.

So Go Wings Go!

Plus How sweet would it be to see Hasek hold the cup over the Sens? Sweeeeet.




Anonymous said...

awww... i've always loved the wings too :) Leafs first, but really, the tradition of excellence that the Red wings keep (as compared to the Leafs track record...) is what keeps me coming back :) And yes, with Yzerman as a frontman, you couldn't exactly ask for any more class.

Jaredoflondon said...

Yeah, how can you not like Stevie.
And their recent track record is pretty impressive, but they'd still be number 2 to me if they were DFL