Tuesday, May 15, 2007


What can I say, I am flabergasted.

The Senators lead the Slugators 3-0 in their Eastern Conferance finals. Had someone told me this would happen I would have guffawed and possibly even giggled in their general direction.
I don't know why this is happening, I have watched pretty much all of the games the Sens have played (in hope of their immediate and brutal downfall) and I see nothing overtly special about how they are playing. Nothing to hint as to why, this year, they are so easily dispatching the opposition.
Wel...actually, there is ONE thing. This pains me to admit, but the one spot that the Senators have improved drastically lies within one man.....Daniel 'Curly Sue' Alfredson, he is actually showing up these playoffs (took him long enough to figure out that the season didn't end in April). Maybe some of Sundin's playoff work ethic (well...Mats wasn't using it) rubbed off on him when he cut his golden locks (theres an interesting conversation "all you have to do is get rid of that muppet do' and you will be Everything you want to be" spoken in Sweeeeedish of course).

I have also not been impressed by their opposition. Not to take anything away from the Sens (but I will at any chance I get). The Penguins? It was Crosby on a broken wheel and a bombarded MAF vs a surprisingly cohesive Senators. The Devils? It was Langenbrunner and Gionta and the least spectacular version of goalkeeper god Marty B that has ever been displayed post season vs a surprisingly persistant Senators.
And then there is the Slugs, the Presidents trophy winners themselves. While they have given the Senators a bit more trouble for about 10 minuites every game (more trouble than they had both other series together). The highest scoring, most tallent laden offense and destructive power play unit in all the NHL seem to have pulled a regular season Redden and taken the face to starfish possition.
One game from a sweep the Sabers stand at a crossroads, do they let themselves get decimated in 4 by a team that is WAY outplaying them or do they realize just how bad it would be for the world if the Senators won the cup? Thats right, total anarchy, our world would collapse into a Mad Max like society.

You stupid Slugs you are better than this! You stupid Senators you are supposed to choke!!

Seems all my hope lies within the West...Most likely in the hands of Poppy McGroin or the Mighty Mallards....god help us all.

Where has all the rum gone?


Anonymous said...

The Sens are playing a defensive trap system now. Their defense doesn't pinch all that often and they rarely go 3 forwards on a forecheck so they rarely give up odd man rushes. They almost always have 3 or 4 players along the blue line so opposing teams can rarely skate the puck over the line. It is almost classic New Jersey Devils style hockey in which you play conservative and hope to capitalize on turnovers and power plays for your offense (Ottawa is a bit more aggressive on the puck than the Devils but that is the main difference).

Jaredoflondon said...

way to make me feel stupid DJ

Anonymous said...

Why do you feel stupid? Everything you wrote is true. I just wanted to add that the Senators have altered how they play the game focusing more on defense. But, as you say, none of the Penguins, Devils or Sabres have played their best hockey and certainly none of them adapted their game as their series went on.

Jaredoflondon said...

because you made it sound so much better than I did