Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Kingdom For Some Shinny

The playoffs are in the air. Although my team failed to make it, one thing remains that is there every year.

An increased disire to play the game.
One problem, since my move to London, I have yet to attain friends who enjoy playing the game. Sure, some of them enjoy watching good enough, but none desire to strap on the blades and hit some rented ice, hell they wont even buy a cheep Canadian tire stick for some parking lot puck.

Join a beer league team you say? Thought about it, wouldn't work with my current employer, odd hours, on call shifts, etcetera.

I have played a few games with the kids on the street, but being senior on the field by over 14 years does not lend itself to the competition I need to get total satisfaction out of a game. Plus I don't want to come off as a goober by trying my best against a bunch of elementary school kids.

This is a plea, anyone in London or within a (Realistic) drive, got a game? Need an extra? Drop a line.

Have Net, will travel.

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