Sunday, May 6, 2007

Why Must Everything I Love Die?

Brodeur couldn't rid me of the Senators
Jagermeister could not dispose of the Slugs
Smokin' Joe and his boys are looking ready to crap out VS Detroit
And the Ducks VS Nucks was loose loose anyway.

A Slugs / Sens series should prove interesting, but I'd prefer to see it end after one game, via comet or black hole opening up under the Scotiabank place, either or. C'mon hockey gods, you owe me something this year.

Heres to hoping I get to finnish off the playoffs with a post cleverly titled "How The West Has Won"

Man, I am clever, gonna go write that one down....


Anonymous said...

The comet or black hole would need to target the HSBC arena not Scotiabank Place. The series opens in Buff-a-hole. While I'd rather not have my team destroyed in such a fashion, I wouldn't mind seeing that part of the country wiped off of the map.
Can you call down the strike when the Slugs are taking a practice but before Ottawa's flight lands?

Jaredoflondon said...

i suppose I could wait 2 games, for the good of the world and all.