Monday, October 15, 2007

Into Belly Of The Beast

After suffering a defeat a the hands of the star-laden Penguins, the Leafs defense lies in ruin. The problems for Toronto at the back end seem to have flip-flopped from last season. Where in last year the defense was rather solid and the goal tending suspect. This year, The Tosk and even Andrew 'high glove' Rayzorcroft have been pretty impressive, but have been shelled and hung out to dry by a "I thought you had him" attitude not only by he who shall not be named, but even the better TO point men. And then there is the forwards....oh jeez, what the hell happened to the back check guys? Guys?

Tonight, the Bufaslug Slugors. Everyone says these guys lost a step without Brier or Drury in the line up, but I remember how they shredded the Buds in the pre-season. Buffalo is still a very dangerous team with a steady, adequate defense and excellent last line of defense in Miller, the Leafs are in tough tonight.

Tonight will call for a cohesiveness at the back end that we haven't seen from the Buds this season and a continued effort from whatever net minder gets the call, be it the spectacularly unconventional The Tosk (man he is fun to watch when he gets going) or the lazy almost lacksidasical style of Rayzorcroft (like Hal Gill, less you hear about him, the better). The Leafs offense is actually not too shabby this year, and I am not really worried about them putting enough pucks in the opposing net....just that there will be more than that entering their own.

This game will go a long way to show just what the Leafs can, or cannot do against real competition.

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