Thursday, October 11, 2007

Leafs V. Islanders. Making Amends

Last season, Leaf fans cringed when they heard their playoff dreams where dashed by a shootout poke check from a backup goaltender nicknamed 'Doobie'.
This year, off to a 1-2-1 start, fans are disgruntled, the media is screaming 'thy end is nigh' and the Sharks are circling, smelling blood and kicking us while we are down.
All in all, it is only October, only game 5, and another loss would not be the nail in the coffin, or even the greasy burger that clogs the artery that causes the heart attack that leads to the funeral.
But it would ease my mind a bit if they, you know, blew the Islanders off the Island (the tribe has spoken).
With some line shakeups, and Razorcroft in the twine, the Leafs will probably (and hopefully) look like a totally different team tonight.

Go Leafs Go

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