Sunday, October 7, 2007

Plan The Parade!

I keed I keed.
But thank god the Leafs won. After that first period (and the first 10 or so minutes of the third) even I was starting to wonder about my team. Other than fantastic play by the Stajan line and The Tosk the effort was borderline pathetic. There was no energy, the Power Play was painful to watch and the whining Habs fans started to hurt my ears.
Ok Habbies, yes Sundin smucking your boy in the face with the stick was a penalty (a four minute one at that) but a suspension? Are you kidding me? Do you want some cheese?
Maurice decided it was time for a change and re-shuffled the lines so that they looked a might framiliar.
Then the game got good. Pony became Johnny on the spot with 2 goals, both assisted by My Swedish Captian, clearing a two goal deficit and sending this one to OT. Then it ended on a goal by everyones favourite Ray Romano look alike, Thomas Kaberle, assisted yet again by Mats.

Things of note:
- The Tosk? Yeah, he can play, stop questioning it.
- Reffing was consistently terrible, for both teams.
- Higgins must have been taking diving lessons from Derek Roy.
- Power Play still needs a ton of work.
- The Penalty Kill still looks great.

That is all.

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