Friday, October 19, 2007

Know Thy Enemy

It's time to step up my 'blog game' as it were. Many other blogs, many much more popular / more entertaining / better written than mine have shticks. Running article themes or segments.
Now it is time for my own. I'm going to start small, a little 6 parter (well 7 if you count this filler / introduction) discussing the 6 major enemies of the Leaf fan.....6 Other teams fans. An in depth look at them, why they hate us, and why they are so very wrong.

Fan Bases we shall be exploring include the fans from the stables of (in no particular order) the Senators, the Canadians, the Bruins, the Sabers, the Canucks and a double header featuring both Flames and Oilers fans.

Know Thy Enemy, coming soon to a Die Hard blog near you.

1 comment:

kaytowne said...

I can't wait to read them...especially the Senators part ;)