Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Walk The Line

So, now that I have finally been able to get some sleep, it is time for something representing a comprehensive post. Well, as comprehensive as I ever get anyways.

Seems Paul Z. Maurice has finally finished his post season line tinkering and come up with this.

Antropov / Sundin / St. Blake
Ponikarovsky / Stajan / Steen
Kilger / Pohl / Tucker
Devereaux / Newbury / Master Battaglia

Kaberle / Kubina
McCabe / White
Gill / Wozniewski

A The Tosk / Razercroft tandum.

Also, as per last year (and years prior) Belak as the swing man and resident heavy weight.

Now way back when, I had some line up predictions....Here I believe.
Taking into account the things I could not for see such as the Bell suspension the Not so Wellwood re-injuries and the Carlo syndrom I think I faired pretty well in the guess zone (like the twilight zone only cooler, and in colour).

Looking at the 'set' lineup, and I use that term Paris Hilton'y. I have two small qualms. Nothing major, I can see why they were done this way, but would I be a true fan if everything was perfect?

1-I would have liked to see Gamache (or as I call him Gam-chee) crack the line up, taking up Belak's spot. The Leafs would be better able to use his speed and tenacity on the PK or an injection of energy into ANY line that was slacking off and not producing. And as much as I like Belak, the need for a heavy weight on the bench is less and less relevent, unless of course Cam Jansen is on the other bench. Can we have Domi come back for that game?

2- Ian White V. Stralman. Mini Kaberle/Lidstrom, whatever. This kid impressed me in the pre-season. With some polishing and experience I have no doubt he will be a force of an offensive defenseman. All he needs is to adjust to the North American style of play (pardon me if that sounded a little too Bob Cole for you). Stralman will see some time on the big club this year, but not enough. Ian White was probably chosen for experience and chemistry purposes so I can't really fault the decision, it does make sense.
White had better watch his back though, Stralman will find a way.

Other than that, I am really not too worried about it. The Leafs look probably about as good as they could without three potentially pivotal players (say that three times fast) not starting the season. Whatever the media wants to hook on, be it The Tosk VS Raycroft, Bell's suspension, Paul Maurice's tie colour, I don't care. I am excited for this season to start, more so than I have ever been. I like the look of this team, I like the character, the depth, the potential and most of all the spirit that emanates from them.

Now before I come off as all hokey and 'THIS IS THE YEAR!!!1!' let me remind you that I don't think they'll win the cup, or the conference or whatever. I just love my team. Lets drop that puck.

Die Hard Blue and White Baby

Go Leafs Go

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