Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thrash Unreal

Another early season 'must win' game for the Buds, another team they should win, another backup in the opposing twine.

Now I missed the last third period debacle against the Blackhawks, so I'm probably not as bitter as those that had to watch the descintigration of the Leafs in the third (why does that sound so framiliar?). But I am no means happy with the results.

Heres to The Tosk, shutting down Hossa and Kovalkuk.
Heres to Sundin and Antro with another multi point performance per.
Heres for the Leafs not driving me to alcoholism.


kaytowne said...

well it's 2-1 for atlanta right now, but it's still early.

btw what do you think of Gamache? he seems like a great little player who came out of nowhere. i think he has potential (but i'm not a leafs fan...)

Jaredoflondon said...

Gamchee is alright with me and he will fill in well for Tucker (who wasn't exactly himself before the knee injury) while Tucks is out.

Also, yay alcoholism!